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Fashion Letdown

I’ve talked a big Stitch Fix game in the past, but I have to be honest…

I had the WORST experience this week.  And that makes me so sad!

I have recommended Stitch Fix to many people.  And several have actually remembered to put my name in as having referred them, which translated to a credit for me.


That’s exactly what happened this time.  I referred a girlfriend from work (who is now addicted, btw) and a couple of months after receiving the credit, I finally schedule another Fix.

I don’t do a regular Fix at this point for the sole purpose of money management.  I have a hard time sending pieces back and have only done it a couple of times, and that was back in the very beginning.

**Side Note:  If you are new to Stitch Fix, please don’t let this sway you.  I’ve never had this experience in my probably 10+ times of using the service, and I don’t anticipate that it will happen again.

**Also, SIDE side note: Your first fix or two may not be a home run, but the stylist is getting acquainted with you, your preferences, and how things seem to fit you, so be patient… As with any relationship, it’ll take a couple of tries before you are at 100%, but even in those first fixes, I guarantee you’ll love at least one item that they send you!

Anywho, where was I? Oh right – this past week…

My Fix actually arrived a couple of days early, as it normally does (always a happy accident!), and I was quick to crack that baby open!

I always begin by opening my little envelope and only reading the stylist note.  I don’t peek at their style recommendations  and definitely don’t peek at the price sheet until after I’ve tried everything one.  This is just my personal m.o., so… do with it what you will.

So I read my note, and already was a little bummed – It starts out with a “your stylist was unavailable, so I got the chance to style your Fix instead!”  I’m cool with my current stylist.  We’ve gotten into a rhythm over the years, but people need vacations and I’m not opposed to a new pal here and there.  However, it went on… I had mentioned in my note to my stylist back when I scheduled this Fix that I was going to be in a beach wedding in September and wanted some casual beachy stuff for the trip.  But her note said that she’d picked out this maxi dress for me to “pair with a turquoise statement necklace and it’d be perfect to wear to a beach wedding.”

Wait… umm… what?!  But I said I’m in the wedding.  I don’t need a dress for the wedding.  😐

Ah well. Perhaps it was a simple misunderstanding as those stylist note character limits can only take you so far… movingrightlong

I had also requested perhaps a kimono because I love the look and had just gotten some new leather booties.  Her note mentioned the one she sent, along with having send some boyfriend jeans to have as a nice combo.  In theory, this could be super cute, right?  I’m not a big fan of the typical boyfriend jean style for my body type, but I was willing to give it a shot.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like a single thing in my box.  NotAOne.

And this was SO incredibly disappointing because I’ve never had that happen before!  I even had  hard time trying to figure out which piece I would keep so as not to lose the $20 styling fee (which, for you noobs, is deducted from your purchase so you don’t actually pay it unless you don’t keep any of the items).

Well, thank goodness I realized that I was using my referral credit, because I didn’t want to lose the $20 and have to pay the difference for an item that I didn’t love.

So I didn’t.

I ate the lost referral credit (which I’m not thrilled about, but will take it over losing actual money, any day) and sent everything back.

I was so bummed that I didn’t even remember take a single picture. I could share my styling card, but frankly… that does not do it justice, and I don’t want to out the stylist, because for all I know she could just be new.  Plus, the items seem fine on paper, but are not at all good picks for me.  Not in the slightest.  I’m sure that others who may have gotten the same items may have loved them and that thrills me!  But… I will admit I’m a bit jealous of all of the chicks who are digging their fixes, at the moment. *le sigh

Let me just break it down for you:

Item 1 – My kimono was a sweater material, but the pattern seemed like a tapestry.  And not something cute that could seem kind’ve vintage-esque, either.  It just straight-up looked like I was wearing a thin run.  AND it had fringe.  I have nothing against fringe on other people, however I. Do. Not. Like. Fringe.  NO FRINGE!

Item 2 – A false open-back sleeveless top (false because it had a built-in white “tank” underneath).  Again – in theory, could’ve been cute.  But it was quite frumpy on me and wasn’t even slightly flattering. Plus… let’s be honest – I am almost 30.  When a shirt is near crop-length on me, there’s a problem.

Item 3 – A chevron-striped, blue and turquoise maxi dress.  I am a fan of maxi dresses in general, however this one wasn’t ideal.  It was the perfect length, and fit me just fine… however, it was a frump-top style (my very non-official term for when there’s a gathered waist and the top portion is styled to intentionally hang over said gather), and the chevron pattern was not straight.  And it wasn’t “not straight” as in intentionally asymmetrical, it just looked like someone didn’t line the fabric up correctly when it was being made.  Super obvious and really not-awesome.

Item 4 – A Splatter-paint patterned sheer tank.  This was the piece that I almost bit the bullet on before I realized that I Was using my referral credit instead of posting a styling fee.  It wasn’t awful.  It was the only item in the Stitch Fix that was completely awful, but the splatter-pattern consisted of only primary colors.  So rather than feeling slightly artsy and just pairing it with a sweater, I felt like I was wearing my art smock and trying to make it a “thing.”  But it isn’t a thing.  And I’m not wearing paint splatter to work.

Item 5 – This is the worst of them all.  I’m not even sure how to approach this, so… I’ll just come right out and say it.  They sent me mom jeans.  Mom jeans, people!  These “distressed boyfriend jeans” literally came halfway up my back (I wish I was just exaggerating) and immediately removed all traces of my rear-end as well as ensuring that I looked like I had purchased them from Kmart.  Actually, that’s not entirely fair.  I’m sure that some folks can rock some Kmart jeans, and I fully support that.  I really think it just looked like I was actually trying to wear my husband’s pants, except that they were too short.  Which is even funnier, because Studly is about 6’4″ with a 33″ waist.  So… although these weren’t remotely close to that size, I’m sure you get my point.  Oh… and they were “distressed,” too.  Which means there were holes.  And in this particular pair, there were lots of holes.  I’m cool with a few holes and a run or two dedicated placed and not overpowering, but… this was not that.

Well… that’s that.  I was super bummed, but not nearly as unhappy as I would’ve been if I’d had to spend actual cash-monies on this FIx.  And also not nearly bummed enough to not give it another shot.

So I’ve scheduled my next Fix for the end of the month.

I fully believe that one key to a good Stitch Fix experience is in providing honest and useful feedback, so I did that.  I wasn’t harsh or mean, but I was honest and provided feedback that would help to ensure that I didn’t get anything like these items again.  For example, “I do not like fringe. At all” will hopefully keep such items, regardless of how popular they may be this fall, from being a part of my pieces.  And “No more pants, please” will… well… hopefully keep them from sending me pants for now.

When I scheduled my next Fix, I mentioned in the note that I’d just had a really bad experience with my last Fix, so to please check it out before picking these next items.

And I try to be light-hearted with my responses, too.  After all… this isn’t really that big of a deal.  It’s just clothes.  And I did fortunately have this happen for a Fix in which I wasn’t paying any money, so… no harm, no foul.  I’m not looking to hurt anyone’s feelings or get anyone into trouble.  I just don’t want to waste all of the monies, ya know?

So that’s that.  My first, and hopefully last, bed experience with Stitch Fix.

If you haven’t tried it, please go read the hundreds, if not thousands, of positive reviews out there and DO NOT take this as me telling you not to do it.  In fact, I’m saying the opposite.  GO SIGN UP FOR STITCH FIX!!  I still absolutely recommend the service, and I whole-heartedly believe that this being my first bad experience after years and many Fixes that have been nothing but spot on… that’s still a total win in my book.

I’d love to hear your experiences. Any other bummed Stitch Fixers this month?  Also, has anyone tried Golden Tote, yet?  What’s the deal there?

And if you’re having a bad day or week, please… just imagine distressed mom jeans and thank the Good Sweet Lord that they aren’t coming back into style like may of the other ridiculous things that we did in the 90s.  Smh.  Mom Jeans.  What were we thinking back then?!

Much love and Happy Fixes!


The Beaming Heart

Last week, I finally finished putting together a gift box for my longest, dearest friend in the world.  We’ve been friends for over 20 years (no… seriously!) and she and her fiancé moved to Hawaii just a couple of weeks after Studly and I arrived in Texas.  We’ve never been far apart for long, and have never been THIS far apart ever.  I miss her terribly!

It’s both comforting and heartbreaking to have her going through the same things I have been since moving.

It’s nice to know, with regard to many aspects, that I’m not alone.  And that I have someone I can talk through these things with.  And not just someone, but… HER!  Someone I love, and adore, and miss terribly, and want only the best things for.  She and I have been through so many different stages of life together and now this is no different.

So I decided a while back to put together some things for her and ship it out her way, but it took me a while to get it all together and actually mail it off.  But it finally happened, and my heart was BURSTING!  Ladies, if you haven’t had the opportunity to surprise someone with something, even just something silly and insignificant, then I can not tell you enough how much of a difference it will make in your heart.


I may need to pause and take a moment to share something with you:  I’m not telling you any of this to get kudos or to flaunt my creativity, or write a “yay me” blog post.  That’s not what the intent is here.  Not even a little bit.  The intent of this post is to just show you how much this can truly change you and only for the better.  Now… back to the point. 🙂


I not only wrapped up some fun things like a witch-hat headband for Halloween, some fuzzy socks, a robe, pajama pants, and a funny tank top along with a super hilarious turkey hat for Thanksgiving (most of which was in the dollar section at Target, FYI), but I also sent her a book I’ve been telling her about (can’t wait to tell you guys about it, too!) along with a gratitude journal that I started off with a very personal letter and on the last page wrote her one of the most amazing quotes (because she and I share deep, introspective, word-driven hearts):

May your days be filled with small, sacred moments of awareness.

May you set side your hurry, your pulling, your wishing for different.

May you linger over meals and take walks with slow steps.

May you hold books with pages, mugs with steam, and hands who know your secrets.

May you settle in, right where you are, refusing to wish for something different.

Enjoy your time, friends.  Live your moments – live them full.

~Vicky Westra

I just think that is so beautiful and can’t think of any better way to put it.  And on top of it just being an amazing wish (mine for all of you, at that), it is just so timely and spot on for what my dear dear friend and I are going through right now.  SO it was absolutely perfect!

As I was grabbing the final things for her package, I also grabbed quite a few (way too many, really… I have a problem!) blank sets of note cards and hoped to get back into the habit of sending random notes to my loved ones and friends on occasion.  So when I finished packing up and wrapping her package, I grabbed a few of the note cards and jotted a quick note for my mother and older sister.  And my heart just continued to grow and grow!

Again, I cannot express in typed words how much joy I felt as I anticipated them receiving these note cards and feeling a distant hug around their necks from me.  It was so so thrilling!

And I do have to give a shout-out to a bloggy friend Elisha over at Waiting For Baby Bird for the final push to get my butt in gear and finally get back into sending these little surprise notes.  She mentioned in a post last week that she did the same and it sparked that flame in me again. 🙂  Thanks, girl!

Anywho, here’s the grand finale – the package that I sent to my dear dear friend was set to arrive tomorrow, and I honestly had all-but-forgotten about it for the weekend when I got an alert on my iPhone that she posted a picture and tagged me in it.  I didn’t jump to check it right away because we were watching a movie and I figured it was just a flashback kind of picture from when we were young… but boy was I off base!  She’d gotten the package a full day early, somehow, and posted a collage-pic of her holding the bright-pink wrapped box on her balcony, and few shots of the inside package.  I was so excited!  She also wrote the sweetest note with her post and I. Was. BEAMING!

There’s just something that happens in you heart when you do something for someone else that gets you absolutely nothing in return… it’s just…  It’s amazing!  And you know what’s funny?  Up until writing this paragraph, I didn’t put it together, but the message that we heard at church today actually touched on this topic as well – there have even been studies done to find what it is that makes the happiest people, well… happy!  And you know what they found?  It was the most generous people who were the happiest.

That’s really all… I just wanted to share with you all how giving a little, very little, something can make SUCH a big difference in your week.  AND in that of a very dear friend.

So go out this week and do something for someone.  It’ll swell your heart until it almost bursts.  It’ll limit any kind of funk you may be in and it’ll quickly become something that you’ll want to do again… even if you hear nothing from the recipient.

Trust me… give it a shot and let me know how it goes!  I want to hear ALL about it.  Bring us the deets!

This week, Hope is Trying to make someone smile…


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