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Pinterest Pluckin’

With all of the rain we’ve had lately, I’ve been dreaming of the warm, sunny days that are more typical her in Texas.  And for some reason, when I think about beautiful sunny weather in a state as awesome as Texas, I’m typically also thinking about cute spring outfits to go along with it.

Some do spring cleaning, but I tend to do a good bit of spring shopping.

As I mentioned previous, I’m not typically much of a shopper.  But there are two times when I do tend to do the bulk of my shopping… the spring, and the fall.  Outside of these two times, it’s pretty unusual for me to shop and instead will occasionally buy a random shirt or pair of shoes (and by randomly, I mean maybe once every other month… if that).

I have done Stitch Fix a few times, which I very much enjoyed, but even that isn’t something that I like to do all that often.  Because who has the money to do that all the time?!

I would be lying if I didn’t admit to the fact that I daydream on the regular, though.  I mean… who doesn’t?!  Everyone else always seems to put together, especially in comparison to myself.  But I do try to mix it up and tear clear from wearing anything too bland and dreary.  I don’t always succeed, but I try. haha

Anywho – here are some outfits that I’ve been LURVE-ing on Pinterest, lately.  Fingers crossed that I can figure out to way to make them suddenly appear in my closet!

1.  Love the simplicity of this one.  I Honestly don’t think I’d accessorize the same way, but that’s just me.  Who doesn’t love a perfect pair of white skinnies, and this loose-fitting top and these flats?!  Totally cute.

2.  Seriously… how cute is this?  Another very simple outfit, but I adore the pop of coral with these skinnies… and a good pair of colorful skinnies can really round out a wardrobe.  Or maybe I’m just convincing myself that I’d totally find a way to wear them all the time because I love them so much.  And these sandals?  What can’t you wear them with?!  The rosettes on this white top just perfectly finish it off.

3.  This outfit is something that I could put together rather simply.  I already have a pair of bottoms almost identical to these, and I have a good red sweater, too.  The white came is a given, and my brown flats are only slightly darker than this.  I really just need to find this top because its super cute and I’d finish it off with a simple short necklace with a delicate silver chain.

4.  Everyone needs a good pair of shorts and I am SO not a fan of both shorts, so these are pretty much ideal.  The watch is a little flashy for me, but otherwise… super cute. I’d probably stick with some simple studs if I wore this necklace, but would definitely go for the earrings if I opted to go without the necklace.  DOn’t want too much going on, that’s for sure.  And the sandals are adorable and I waaaant them!

5.  Hands down my FAVORITE of this bunch… this next one is so stinking cute.  I love the kelly green sweater, and it is SO stinking CUTE when paired with this floral top.  Almost anything can work with some basic jean skinnies, but throw in these pink suede pumps and I am in loooooove!!  This is the one I’m really trying to make appear in my closet… but no matter how many “I Dream of Jeannie” head bops I do, it’s just not happening.  *le sigh And this necklace is just icing on the cake, as well as the oversized cloth bag.  So simple, yet so. stinking. perfect.


**Except for this last one, all pics were plucked straight from Pinterest and lead to random Polyvore boards that wouldn’t let me link in properly.  Sorry Polyvore Queens! I just can’t seem to figure the sourcing out for some reason (it’s pulling in strange, random images instead of the ones I’m actually looking at.  Haalp?!)

Let’s hear it – what are y’all eyeing up these days?  Any thoughts on the outfits above?  Seen any of these pieces during your e-window shopping lately?  ‘Cause you’d absolutely be my hero!



All The Things!

I have a problem.

It’s not that big of a deal.  In fact, it really isn’t a problem, per say…
See?!  There I go again.  I just can’t seem to help myself!
My problem is not a unique one, but that fact alone doesn’t make it less of a problem.
So what’s this thing that I keep babbling on about?
I hoard clothes.
And not for anything other than the following excuses:
 – It’ll fit me again soon because I’m finally working on getting back into shape.
 – I don’t have the money to replace it.
 – It’s really cute, even if it doesn’t fit me or I never wear it.
 – I bought it to wear with this other specific piece that I haven’t hunted down, yet.
 – I have too much of this other color and need to balance it out.
 – I need to replace it before I can get rid of it.
 – I need a weekend of relaxation.  I’ll get to it next week.  (isn’t this one always on the list?)
The sad part is that most of this is absolutely ridiculous… especially since I end up wearing all of the same clothes over and over again and never touch this other stuff.  I do like the pieces.  I just “don’t feel like dressing up, today” or “want it to be my motivation to get back down a size” or “maybe I could alter it and make it work, again”.
Whatever.  I suck.
Maybe the problem is in letting go.  Just freaking letting go of “all the things!”
I swore I’d try the technique of turning hangers backwards and throwing out the stuff I didn’t flip back around (because you turn the hanger back to normal when you take the item off and put the hanger away), but then I always have an excuse for not actually doing that.  Even with shoes I haven’t worn in years…. Years, people!
Super lame.  I know.
Like I said.  It’s a problem.
But I’m tired of it.  SO tired.  And I’m over not pulling the trigger on some of the adorable outfits (or at least pieces that I find inspired by them) simply because I already have way too much clothing.  I feel like it’s time for a change.  Or more accurately, I’m long overdue for one.
That’s really all there is to it.  I want to purge my massive closet.  And this is where I need your help…
I want to be serious about purging my clothes and getting down to some basics so that I can “rebuild” my wardrobe with newer pieces.  I’m thinking about activating my Stitch Fix again to help with this, but what else can I do?  More specifically, are you all aware of any good techniques for consigning your clothes?  Any websites that have begun e-consigning?  Because that would be awesome.  And if e-consigning isn’t a thing, yet… WHY the heck NOT?!
I’m thinking that making money off of my plethora of old stuff will help entice me to truly get rid of stuff with the reward of having money to replace it with newer, cuter pieces.
So what about y’all?  Have you purged your closet recently?  Any pointers or recommendations?  Am I the only clothes hoarder out there in need of a closet intervention?  come on, now… don’t leave me hanging.  Please tell me there are others out there!
I’ll just be over here in my little lazy corner feeling ashamed and apprehensive…

Swoon Party

You see – I am not much of a shopper.  Now, window shopping… I am the queen of window shopping.  But actually purchasing items is not something that I do very often.

Call me a cheap-o, because that is sometime the reason, but mostly… call me lazy.  Shopping can just be so much work.

I know I know… #firstworldproblems

And pointers has helped a lot, that’s for DANG sure.  But I often end up getting burned because things never fit me the way that they do on the cute Pinterest girls.  *le sigh

What’s a girl to do?  This is where window shopping comes in.  But then occasionally (read: not even remotely frequently), I actually pull the trigger.  And when I do, it tends to be for quite a bit of stuff at one time.  Thankfully, that’s allowable because I save up my spending money while I’m window shopping the rest of the year.  So when spending time does come around – I am ready!!  I also tend to use Stitch Fix (which I am so stoked to tell you about!), so that also tends to keep me happy.

I haven’t quite figured out if spending time is coming or not because I have been eyeing quite a few adorable things, lately, that I can’t seem to shake off.  Wanna see?

Of course you do!  😀

Here they are, in no particular order:

1.  THESE shoes.  Oh my WORD they are adorable.  I can already picture so many outfits to wear them with – with skinnies… with bootcuts… and ALLL the sweaters!  Is it just me?  They are so stinking adorable and I love me some TOMs.


2.  This shirt… I’m pretty sure I could live in this shirt.  It’s completely adorable.  How is it that Anthropologie seems to know exactly what I need?  Aaaaaaand then price it so I really shouldn’t buy it.  *le sigh


3.  These. Boots. I need them… or something just like them, anyway.  They are perfect and though I don’t normally purchase shoes from American Eagle, this may be worth changing that pattern.


4.  Oh my word… this top.  Again, Anthropologie… what in the WORLD?!  Have you mastered mind reading or something?  Yeah… ok… I just decided to buy this.  It’s happening.


5.  Gingham.  ANYthing gingham.  It must have gingham in my wardrobe.


6.  Almost anything from this site.  The Blue Door Boutique is filled adorable pieces that I am constantly eyeing up.  Case in point… this one.  And I know from experience that they value their customers – when I placed my first order a year or so ago, they included a pair of earring for FREE.  Just for being a new customer.  How cute and just freaking awesome is that?!


So there ya have it.  I’m currently swooning on a BUNCH of stuff.  And even though the buying doesn’t tend to happen very often, the swooning never ends.

I’d love to know wha you think about these items.  But more importantly – what are you guys eyeing up these days?


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