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Da Funk

I’ve been a bit tightly wound lately.

Actually, I was quite literally so last week when I randomly ended up with a jacked up neck and muscle spasms after a nice solid year-plus without one.  There my winning streak, I suppose.  *le sigh

But outside of the pain in my neck (the literal one, of course), I thought I’d been doing pretty well until this week hit.

And boy did it hit hard.

I thought last week was rough with my neck issue and I even remember telling a coworker on Friday that I felt like I’d had a “week of Mondays”… boy did someone decide to make me eat those words.


So here I am feeling like i could say those words yet again, but fighting the urge to do so if for no other reason than I just don’t want to incite the powers that be to shout another “Challenge Accepted” and have to go through this yet again next week.

Point taken, man.  Point. Taken.

I think you get my drift.  I am a-strugglin.  And often when I have times like this, I’ll just call it and take a half day.  Or even just go full-throttle and take a full personal day (assuming my SIL is at work and I’ll actually get the house to myself).  But thanks to the pain in the neck that was last week, I’m pretty screwed on hours at work and need to get it together.

Translation:  no dice.

Well, I did leave about 2 hours early one day just because I could no longer talk myself out of it.  It wasn’t my proudest moment, but don’t worry… once again, the powers that be didn’t let me down.  I got home to find our bedroom smelled like urine for some horribly, ridiculously unacceptable reason and after scrubbing the entire floor clean and hopping in the shower, Studly got home and walked in to announce that the dog had just puked on the bedroom carpet.  The one that I had just scrubbed clean.  And as he finished telling me this while I dried my hair, we heard the all-too-familiar sounds of more upchuck happening in the closet.

WHY MUST YOU PROVE YOUR POINT SO LOUDLY, powers that be?!  I get it already!  As stated above… POINT. TAKEN.

So you see?  Next time I feel like I should just call it a day and go home early, I’ll remember this day.  And find some other way to busy my mind just so that I don’t have to scrub mystery-urine and fresh puppy puke from my carpet instead.


The urine does have an explanation and I swear it’s not weird.  It’s still gross, don’t get me wrong, but it’s because of a little unofficial foster pup that we’ve taken in over the past couple of weeks (she found us, and we haven’t been able to find her home, yet).  We aren’t sure if it’s her doing it, or our Pup doing it to reclaim the space as his (insert look of disdain here), but there… ya see?  We’re not grosslings (’cause that’s a thing, right?).

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

It’s just been a week where my to-do list is growing faster than the invite list to a rabbit family reunion (uh… yeah. exactly), my to-done list is quite literally invisible (mostly because it’s all still on my dumb rabbit list, instead), and a new project at work is making me feel like I don’t even sprechen sie englisch… as in I have no idea what’s even going on because I’m the kid that came late to the party and everyone talks a mile-a-minute about everything because they all “get it” and I’m just the one that’s hiding in the corner and hoping no one notices I’m there.  *deep breath


Why can’t everyone have summers off like we did in school?  And while we’re at it, why do they set us up for such disappointment?  Why do they ever begin giving us months off each year, along with extended breaks for Christmas if we aren’t going to always get them?  And while we’re here… Recess, people …am I right?!

There I go again.  Welcome to the funk, everyone.

Anywho, at the end of the day, there’s really no one major reason why I’ve been “grumpy” (to put it simply).  I just have.  And I think I need to do something crafty or go for a run (if it’d stop frigging raining and being so dadgum cold, already) or just find something to snap me out of it.

Maybe I can convince Studly to take me out to dinner this weekend.  There’s nothing a good carb overload can’t fix, right?

Unless your problem is eating your feelings (looks around awkwardly… then raises hand timidly).

Screw it.

Who am I kidding.





I’ve been out of it lately…

Not just out of the blogging routine, but legitimately out of it.

After a year and a half of no issues whatsoever, Sunday morning brought my “winning” streak to a halt.

For the sake of making some kind of sense, here, “winning” = Not having another neck muscle spasm.

Alas, I woke up Sunday morning, walked into the closet to decide what to wear to church, and yawned.

That is it.

I yawned.

With the simplest of things that happen every morning (sometimes afternoon, too, can I get an “Amen”?), I felt that all-too-familiar POP and just knew it.

Groaning loudly and hating my luck, I took off in a light job to the kitchen, in the hopes that if I took something right away I’d be able to fend off the worst of it.  Unfortunately, luck is rarely ever on my side.

I made it through church and then attempted to rest for the remainder of the day.

The Monday morning included some increased awfulness and I was all “Bleeeehh!”

The second day is always the worst, after all.

I tried to push through work and then ended up leaving early to go by the Urgent Care clinic.  After sitting in their awesome (sarcasm font!) waiting room seats for over an hour and a half, I finally got to chat with a doc and was given a prescription for some off-brand flexerol.  Woot!

Went home, downed the goods, and waiting for Studly to get home.

Queue additional rest, followed by a day of sleeping as much as possible (I did have one meeting at work that I couldn’t miss, but I limited my workday to only what was necessary to make that happen).

And I woke up today feeling like I wish I’d had the entire day to rest.  Feeling a little tighter than anticipated, I have been pushing myself through a full day of work.  I do only sit at a desk so it shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

*le sigh

If only.

Well… that’s my excuse for being such a slacker this week.  Also, is it just me or does it seriously feel WAY later int he week then Wednesday? Maybe more like a Thursday-and-a-half?  Is there a word for the feeling between Thursday and Friday?  Because that’s where I reside, at the moment.

Anywho – I hope everyone else’s week is going way better than mine.  The silver lining to this awesomeness is that once I am feeling back to my ol’ self again, I’m pretty sure I’ll be unstoppable.  Nothing like a movement-limiting injury to be the kick in the pants you need to just get stuff done!

If I don’t make it back again this week, I promise to return next week with some updates on our Adoption journey.  Get excited!  😛


Color Theory, Part III

I finally did it!

I took out the camera (read: not the iPhone) and took some pics of the Master bedroom so that you can see how the color actually translated in our space.  This is the moment of truth… this is when you either decide I’m super crazy and possibly color blind, OR you join me in my sorrow and admit that it’s not just me!

Don’t know about you,butI’m really pulling for that last one.

Anywho, instead of stretching this out too much further I will jump right to the chase.  As a reminder of how far we’ve come, here’s the “before” collage again:

Yeah.  It IS just as bad as you remembered.  That part is unfortunately not only true, but forever burned into my memory.

And now for the big reveal, here’s the “after” picture (and hopefully soon just a “progress” picture in the journey to a winning, permanent color

*drumroll please*

Agh!  See how not warm and greigey it is?  Not. At. All.

Remember, THIS is what we were hoping for when we picked Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter:


But instead, we ended up with some kind of iced blue-grey color.. which may not be bad for some spaces or tastes, but this is quite a large room, and having all of the walls this ice-grey just turns the space into a cold, wintry, uber boring space.  And that’s SO not what I was going for.

I wanted the warmth of the image above.  The crisp, neutral color that would play well with pretty much anything I put in there.  It’s lighten up the space, but keep it feeling cozy.  It it isn’t too brown or yellow… but it is JUST right.

Welp – that perfect color still eludes me.  And for now, I wake up every morning to quick albeit fleeting, a moment of panic that I’ve been thrown unwillingly into an insane asylum.  And that’s NOT a fun feeling… especially for someone like me who occasionally wonders if they aren’t too far off from being qualified for an extended stay.

So for now, this is what we are dealing with:

In the interest of full disclosure, there are very brief moments in the day, in very small corners of the room, where the sunlight hits the walls just right and we see a tinge of that warmth we were looking for when we decided to pull the trigger on this color selection:


And it’s JUST enough to drive me absolutely batty.  Because when I happen to be in the room during these fleeting moments of warmth, I wonder how it could possibly have translated so poorly throughout the majority of the day and on the majority of the wall space.  Because THAT is eXACTly what I wanted to walls to look like!

But noon.  That’s WAY too easy, Hope.

So when I see this warmth peek through, there’s a part of me that wonders if I should just try sticking with this color, but having it mixed at 125 or maybe 150%.  Perhaps going just a skosh darker would be just the ticket to bringing out more of that warmth we were hoping for.

But instead, we have this.

Although it is definitely temporary, we’re not sure when it’ll bump back up on the priority list enough for us to actually repaint the room (especially considering it took us about 2.5 days to do it the first time).  And frankly, when that time does finally come, I’m not sure I’ll be comfortable enough with committing to another color that may end up steering me wrong yet again.  Because doing this a THIRD time just sounds crazy!

So… that’s where we sit.  I keep from hanging any decor in our room because I just want to repaint it anyway.  Well, that and the fact that I want to find and refinish a dresser to replace the one we currently have, so it seems almost silly to put a room together with all of this still up in the air.

And don’t get me wrong – the change from the before to the after/progress pics is still a HUGE improvement.  And waking up in a stark cold room seems like more of a clean slate then dealing with the baby poo yellow ANY day of the week.  I just wish that I didn’t feel like we wasted 2.5 days of work for nothing.  :/

Now that you’ve seen it… What do you think?  Has anyone else had such bad luck with picking paint colors?  And let’s hear it – do you think I”m crazy for being so disappointed, or do you agree that it is MUCH colder than it appears in the inspiration pictures?


Where’s the Caffeine?

I owe you a post today on Paint.  As boring as that sounds, it’s not going to be one of those posts where we pick paint, we drastically change our room, and wah-lah everyone’s happy.

If only life were so simple.

It is 100% a tale of woe.  And I believe this tale isn’t tool often enough… because most of us are not interior decorators with minors in color theory, or Sarah Richardson with a God-given ability to always pick the perfect tones and color combos (btw – I’m convinced she couldn’t make a bad color choice if she tried – it’s like she’s allergic to bad colors!).  In reality, small pieces of paint colors against a huge wall is never indicative of how it would work in the space, and sample-sized painted squares on several walls is still not the same as an entire room of the same color… especially if the color you are painting over is bold or overpowering in any way.

Anywho – that post is coming.  And hopefully later today.

But for some crazy reason, I had to be at work for a teleconference meeting by 4:00 this morning, which meant waking up at 3:00… and I am just SO not a morning person.

Wait… is that even considered morning?  Maybe it’s more like I’m not a “devil’s hour” kind of person. ??

Who knows.  It’s way to early to be solving such deep problems.

So this is a post promise – I will have the post written and up sometime within the next day or two.  But for now… I have a much simpler goal of just trying to stay awake at work.  And frankly this is a problem that I never thought I’d have.

Oh… and did I mention that I’m going to be here until at least 3:00 this afternoon?  Yeeaahhh….


Wha- dang it.  Fell asleep already.  Where’s the caffeine?!


Color Theory

Before hitting the “go” button on painting our new Master Bedroom, we tried out quite a few sample samplers before landing on a color that seemed perfect.  I even researched the color… no seriously!  And after seeing just how highly rated this designer solar was, it just felt like it had to be foolproof.

So we pulled the trigger.

And 2.5 days later, we hate it.

The worst part is that it just took us SO long to finish painting, thanks to the ridiculousness that is lay-down textured walls.  Can I get an Amen?!  And that wasn’t just because we’re slow or we took our time, either… I painted for 9 hours on Saturday, 8 on Sunday, and then Studly finished up with a few hours on Monday (thank you Columbus!).

The problem is that the color is just so much lighter than we anticipated.  And we had even painted swatches of it on every wall, sometimes several times on a wall.  Super frustrating!  Really, though – search Pinterest (or Google) for Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.  It does NOT look like a very light, cold color in pretty much ANY of the pictures or articles about it.  So I was thoroughly displeased with the outcome.

Our bedroom is quite large, so now that it’s entirely painted this really light color, and since none of the warmer aspects of the color came through at all, it feels like we’re waking up in an asylum.  The only time you can tell the awl isn’t white is when you look at it right next to the trim.

Oh right… and our ceiling and trim aren’t quite white either.  *sigh.  which I discovered after trying to touch up where the awful previous colors were around the ceiling.

So that’s where we are.  Ridiculously exhausted from all of the time and effort spent painting over the holiday weekend, and really disappointed with the end result.  We aren’t making any rash judgments about the color just yet, but frankly – I’m not at all sure how we could change our minds to keep it.  It’s just not what we wanted and in our effort to make this place feel like home, it feels like we’ve just taken 3 steps in the wrong directions.

Back to the drawing board, I suppose.

Have you ever done something like this?  Have you had bad experiences with paint color, either in your choice or in a house you’ve moved in to?  Any suggestions for painting textured walls?

My biggest thing now?  I’m on a huge paint sprayer kick.  I’m almost positive that an airless sprayer will make painting this house LEAPS and BOUNDS easier than any other technique.  Has anyone had any experience with paint sprayers?  I am ALL ears – err… eyes?

Wish us luck in finding the strength to try again… and in finding the right paint color!


Migraines… Blech!

MAN they suck, right?!

I get them more often then I’d like to admit to myself, but thankfully not as often as others. So far, I’ve only been able to recognize 2 triggers…
1) aspartame. anything with aspartame results in a migraine, sometime as quickly as just 2 minutes after consumption. It sucks. And oddly enough, I find it in more and more things all the time!
2) sudden changes in barometric pressure. And frankly, there’s nothing I can do about it. I mean, it stinks, but it is what it is.

I should probably see the doctor again. I apparrently suffered from them for yeeaars before ever mentioning anything to my doctor, and she told me that it sounded more like migraines than just your average headache. Who knew?! But that’s pretty much where I left it.

I knew that Excedrin always helped, so I wasn’t too worried about it. Fast forward a little bit and as we were more concerned with having a family, I decided that taking Excedrin really wouldn’t be a good plan since it has NSAIDs in it. So now that that’s no longer an option, I find myself getting a little more creative.

I mentioned to my doctor about my concerns with the NSAIDs and she said that I should get at least similar results by taking 1 Extra Strength Tylenol and drinking it with some caffeine, since those are the other 2 key ingredients in the Excedrin.

And she’s right!

Even with the bad ones, it at least helps take the edge off, but I have discovered that if nothing else, it at least takes the edge off and for me – that’s a win.

Well, today I woke up with a migraine and I had only had some pain for about 10 minutes before bed, but figured it was just an average headache and that maybe heading to bed would take care of that, since it was already pretty late. Fast forward to wake-up call and it was definitely in migraine territory. I tried taking a tylenol, and laid back down…..


So when I finally pryed myself out of bed a few hours later (am I the only one that doesn’t want to even move when I have a migraine?!), I decided it was high time for my Tylenol-Caffeine cocktail.

Thankfully, that did the trick. It’s taken some time to get back to some semblence of normal, but it was just what I needed.

Do any of you struggle with migraines? What are your tips or tricks for surviving the ugly?


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